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A3 Nom Integration
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Automate supplements and export new hires with ease
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A3nom + Factorial Integration

Enjoy consistent data formatting and compatibility between platforms with little to no manual effort from your part. Export employee supplements and new hires data in the right A3ASESOR | nom format and forget about retyping it manually.

What is A3nom?

A3nom is a software used by companies and organizations for the calculation of payroll in compliance with current legal regulations, allowing for maximum control in the management of the company's workforce

What is this integration about?

  • Export your payroll supplements into A3Nom Manage your payroll supplements in Factorial and export a file specifically formatted for A3ASESOR | nom.
  • Export, in the payroll period, new hired employees into A3Nom Manage your hired employees of the month in Factorial and export a file specifically formatted for A3ASESOR | nom.
  • Stop manual generation of the new hired employees in Factorial in A3ASESOS I nom system, allowing an easy way, avoiding hours of retyping employee details.
  • Stop retyping supplements The supplements file can be automatically imported into your A3ASESOR | nom system easily, avoiding hours and hours of retyping supplements. Learn how to import it into A3ASESOR | nom.
  • Easy to configure You just need to configure the A3 codes for employees and additional compensations. Once your integration is configured, you just need to select A3ASESOR | nom format in your payroll exports. And that’s it.

What data will the user be able to sync?

Payroll supplements & new hires data.

Problems it solves

  • Stop retyping supplements
  • Forget about converting your exports with third parties
  • Equal data formatting ensures no data losses