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Factorial's response to the Coronavirus outbreak

The Coronavirus situation is affecting companies in all possible ways. HR leaders are in the tough position of setting up new policies from scratch and adapting their companies to go fully digital and work from home. Unfortunately, many face more serious problems due to governmental work restrictions and a massive drop in demand and supply.

At Factorial we have been remote-friendly since day one, as some of our employees are spread around the world. As of last week, our entire team has been working remotely. Since the burst of this crisis, we began receiving many calls from our clients who strive to adapt to this situation quickly. For that reason, we decided to focus our resources on helping all companies move digital and enable remote working. In order to cope with the current situation at hand, it's important that we all support each other through it in the best way we can.

Unlimited Free Trial Period & Complementary Onboarding 

(Our way to support you through COVID-19)

As a result, today we announce that we are making our free trial period unlimited for as long as this situation lasts. With your trial, you also have access to the free E-signature feature, which we’ve included exclusively. In addition, our customer experience team will be helping our customers with on-boarding at no cost. There are a number of things to consider when working remotely, such as how to track employee presence, organization and signing of internal documents, and sending out notifications to your team. All of these processes can be done from home, and although they may seem daunting, with a little support and guidance, we can help ease the transition process.

In closing, the situation we have at hand is one in which we are collectively working through, and we have no doubts, that we will all get through it together. Although things may be less than ideal, and full of uncertainty, there are many positive lessons we all can draw from this experience. With that said, remote work is a global trend that helps companies access a huge pool of talent spread across the world. At the same time, it grants everybody the right balance in flexibility and ownership for their work. At Factorial we are committed to offering our support to help companies during this transition time.

Factorial team.